Community Service

St. Jude School embraces the NCEA theme of Faith, Academics, and Service.  Our students are involved in many service projects throughout the school year.  Before Thanksgiving, our students supply canned goods to provide for the poor in the Feed-a-Friend Program.

Sign Language Club

One of the extracurricular activities offered to students at St. Jude School is the sign language club. Ann Papciak, certified teacher of the hearing impaired, serves as moderator, and prepared the students for end-of-the-year programs. Students integrated vocabulary they learned throughout the year into musical interpretation in religious and secular music. 

Instrumental Band


Weekly Band lessons are conducting during the academic day by Mr. Mark Stransky.  This year 28 students are participating in the St. Jude Band.

A Christmas Concert was performed at Holy Redeemer High School along with other elementary schools. We look forward to the Spring Concert.

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